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Dr. Ross Dumbadse | Crystal River Chiropractor

Dr. Ross Dumbadse, Crystal River Chiropractor

Dr. Ross Dumbadse

Growing up with three younger siblings from time to time one might hear “mom, Ross hit me” being cried out in and around the Dumbadse household (of course, as it was my job to enforce discipline and “toughen up” my sisters and brother). So when my parents discovered my intention to delve into chiropractic, they were very pleased, as now I could use my physical skills and talents to help people and earn a living (as opposed to beating them up). Actually, my brother Chris and my sister Tina followed in my footsteps and are practicing doctors of Chiropractic in Santa Rosa, CA.

I first heard of chiropractic from my buddy living next door. His dad had an office in town, and I would sometimes help him clean the office on the weekends. I was fascinated by the cool adjustment tables that moved up and down. Equally interesting were the nerve charts that would light up the target organ when the spinal “bone” was pushed, and the x-rays on the view box. I would also watch Dr. Ken Bernd adjust my buddy Kurt, and I recall how awesome it was that after the adjustment the unequal leg length was no more! I started to think that chiropractic would be a great way to help people by using my head and my hands without having to perform surgery (which made me a bit green about the gills to contemplate) or giving drugs to people to make their pain go away. On December 18, 1982 I graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic to which I have Dr. Ken to thank for inspiring me

I attended Sonoma State University and the Santa Rosa JR College to complete my pre-med requirements for admission. Chiropractic schooling is a year round program 15 weeks full time, then 2 weeks off for 10 “trimesters”. Along the way (in addition to the intense study and testing of class work) additional national board and clinic entrance exams had to be prepared for and fully completed. After graduation, the last hurdle was the California State license exam. In 1990 I moved to Florida and started to practice in both Ocala and Crystal River. Along the way I completed the diplomat course and pass national examinations to become a board certified chiropractic orthopedist. Additionally, I have been a featured speaker at the triathlon conferences, work with the Long Beach State volleyball and basketball teams, treated the Rustavelli and Georgian State dance company performers at numerous sites across the country, and am currently a proud team physicians serving the Crystal River Pirates athletic department.

My practice philosophy is simple. I want results. I want people to come through our front door and have their health care goals being achieved. People of different ages and physical states of disrepair come to this clinic for help. As methods, techniques and approaches are wide and varied that we offer, and the treatment of each patient in our office is tailored to that individual.

However, a person must first have a goal in order to achieve it. What do you want? Temporary pain relief? Maintenance Care? Losing weight, stabilizing abdominal care muscles for a stronger more stable back? So, the first objective is to figure out what each individual wants. Whatever that is, nobody is sold anything here. No coercion, no sale pitches. If someone wants to make major changes and transform their lives, awesome. Let’s get to it. Occasional treatment when a chronic issue flares up? Step in, and let’s get to work. Make no mistake, we will let you know our opinion concerning a situation or condition and what needs to be done for positive results. It is then up to YOU to decide if that make’s sense.

We are prepared to deliver the best of care and results, you just have to know what you want and be committed to following through (and if you aren’t certain what your health goals are, we will sit down and help our patient discover and define them).

I am a previously married father of the most wonderful 9 year old son a dad could have (Luke). My spare time is spent swimming, cycling, golfing, detailing Luke’s 350Z and frequenting Dick’s Sporting Goods which is Luke’s favorite store, next to Barnes and Nobles. Luke also enjoys Gator football and the Tampa Bay Rays baseball. He attended his very first game just this year.

I myself receive chiropractic at least monthly. I lift weights, do cardio and also work out each morning from 5:00 to 7:30am before driving to the office without fail. I take the very same supplements that I recommend to my patients, and feel that I have set an example so that I truly am practicing what I preach. I go out of my way to stay away from any and all pharmaceutical drugs, but also realize that circumstances exist where their used may be unavoidable.

Enough about me, the time has never been better than now to take charge of your life and achieve your health goals through chiropractic care. Contact Citrus Chiropractic Group today to make an appointment.

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