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Your First Visit to Our Crystal River Practice

“The Puzzle”

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

We are here to help you feel better and restore your health.

Upon entering our office, you will be greeted with a smile by our front office staff. Your first visit with us is designed to get an overall picture of your current health status in order to be safe and thorough. We view each step of your first visit as a piece of a puzzle. Each step provides information that helps us come up with a proper diagnosis. We often hear from patients that our process is more thorough than any chiropractor they have ever seen and that makes us smile. After all, you are seeking our care to help you feel better and restore your health as soon as possible. That’s why our motto is “teaming up to keep you in the game of life!”

A staff member will review the paperwork you will be completing and answer any questions. This provides us with a summary of your health history and current lifestyle. To save you time on your first visit we have our intake forms here online for you to download, print and complete prior to your visit.

The doctor and staff will then review a thorough health history with you, asking questions about any specific complaints you have, as well as questions about your overall health status.

You will then be provided with a comprehensive physical examination of your spine and nervous system performed by your doctor. He will check your posture, examine the way your spine moves, examine the way you walk, stand, perform any orthopedic and neurologic testing that are required. He will then discuss your problem with you and explain how chiropractic can help. A plan of action for the day will be agreed upon before we proceed. The plan may include taking some x-rays. This is done right in our facility and will include only the views necessary to help complete this piece of the puzzle.

Our office manager, Kelly, will then provide a quote of what your first visit will cost after verifying what your insurance covers. This allows you to understand what your care will cost before you commit to anything. A cash discount plan is available for those without insurance. We offer the best health care deal in town!

We Adjust On The First Visit!

We do not believe in prolonging your pain. So, we don’t make you wait until the second visit for treatment. Every effort is made to reduce your discomfort as soon as possible. Your doctor will review your x-rays, adjust the affected area(s) and may include muscle work and /or one of the many adjunctive therapies that are used to compliment the chiropractic adjustment. These include interferential current (electrical stimulation), ultrasound, HVG current, diathermy and intersegmental traction (roller table). We also have massage therapists on staff who provide many types of therapeutic soft tissue (muscle, myofascial and ligaments) work. Instructions for home care, such as icing, stretching, heat or natural supplementation, will be provided, so that you can become an active part of your healing process.

The doctors offer different adjusting techniques for different health conditions

The doctors offer different adjusting techniques for different health conditions.

Individualized Care

We provide many different chiropractic adjusting techniques to fit the many types of patients we encounter. You see, one size does not fit all in our office! Each patient is evaluated and provided with a unique care plan based on their individual needs.

Rest assured, that you will see the same doctor on each visit. We do not shuffle patients to whomever is available. If your doctor has the day off, you will see one of the other two doctors on staff. This allows for continuity of care regardless of who may be on vacation or have a rare Saturday off.

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