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Your Second Visit – A Care Plan Unique to You

Crystal River Chiropractor Second Visit

Your care plan is designed for your unique health needs and goals.

On your second visit, your doctor will review the results of your x-rays and examination with you. He will carefully explain the features and structure that we expect to see in a spinal x-ray such that you can understand the significance of you own films. This allows you to see how deviation from the norm can affect your life both short term and long term.

Your doctor will explain to you all of your options for care. The report of findings is designed to provide you with all the information required for you to make an informed decision about your health, and the type of care you would like to receive. Once again, time is taken to develop a care plan that is unique to your needs and goals. The care plan determines the frequency and duration of care you are likely to require.

You will then receive a chiropractic adjustment and any therapies the doctor has ordered. Directions for home care will be given once again and an appointment will be made for your next visit.

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